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Hot Links: Monday, November 30

Our 2020 #T25U25 rolls on. PLUS: Eerily quiet on the NHL front as we await the status of next season, Evander Kane wants to... put on? the gloves, talking draft, the #Oilers PP, Benson, Bouchard, Samorukov, and MORE!

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Edmonton Oilers v San Jose Sharks Photo by Brandon Magnus/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Hope you’re all keeping well and all of that good stuff, and that you too were blessed by a 5 TD performance from your QB1s. I hope that, unlike me, that performance still matters because you didn’t start the season 1-5, rendering every week thereafter effectively pointless. I hope that whomever you’re spending the majority of your time with under pseudo-lockdown still likes you, and that they aren’t secretly plotting your demise while you poop or are otherwise preoccupied. Stay alert. Stay safe.

As is typical for Monday mornings, we’ve got quantity for you this morning. I’ll be honest though, I’m finding it a bit difficult to stay engaged over the past few weeks. Maybe it’s the RAGING GLOBAL PANDEMIC finally getting to me, but I just haven’t been assed to get into the usual conversations about why this player is actually good or why that one is actually bad. I need some inspiration. I need the smelling salt-like effect of Dave Tippett inexplicably giving Zack Kassian too much ice time, or giving Mike Smith a start he shouldn’t so I can wake up a little here. Evander Kane calling out a YouTuber for a boxing match just isn’t enough right now:

Still nothing from either the NHL or PA over what next season’s status is. Oilers prospects are still finding (welcome to Vasby, Phil Kemp) and/or doing (nice debut in Kristianstads, William Lagesson) work overseas, but with precisely zero of them making tracks to come back so far, it’s hard to feel any sort of imminence regarding the 2020-21 NHL season that was tentatively slated to start in like a month:

Time’s a ticking. I guess we’ll keep waiting.

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