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Hot Links: Thursday, November 19

Is the season in jeopardy? PLUS: Our T25 U25 rolls on, weekly rumors, favorite Oilers jerseys, Shane Wright’s WHJC bid, Ovechkin and Gretzky, and MORE!

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NHL Announces the Start of the 2013 Season Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Morning, folks!

The news continues to slow to a trickle, but we’ve still got some things to talk about this morning. First of all, Preston continued our 2020 T25 U25 series with #24 — Finnish F Aapeli Rasanen — yesterday. Pop over and take a look. We’re still sort of in the weeds with some of these guys but (hopefully, very) soon we’ll start profiling guys who are better than a coinflip to play a game or two in the bigs. Stay tuned.

Something that sent the ol’ alarm bills a ring-a-dingin’ yesterday, for me at least:

Bear with me, LeBrun didn’t thread this thread, so I’ve gotta incude a few of these to really set the scene:

So far, so good, right? Nothing even kind of alarming here yet.

Oh, interesting. So the players aren’t keen on changing deferral rates that were agreed upon in June? But the ownership is pushing for them to do so, less than six months later? Hmm. Not ideal.

OK so maybe it’s a messaging thing. Maybe the NHL just needs a better way of telling the players that they’re absolutely screwed without changing those rates? One thing that sticks out either way: how is the NHL asking the players to do this so quickly? How was the league so confident in a recovery and/or so unprepared for the pandemic to still be impacting literally everything that they’ve got to renegotiate on this so quickly? But regardless, when the two sides have disagreements about money, all of a sudden you start to wonder if the season could be at risk if they don’t find an agreement.

Keep an eye on this one. It’s probably OK, but maybe it isn’t?

Either way, poor Connor McDavid, right?

Year 1 - Broken clavicle. Roommate traded. No playoffs.

Year 2 - Playoffs.

Year 3 - No playoffs. No Olympics.

Year 4 - Busted knee. No playoffs.

Year 5 - Recovering from busted knee. No playoffs. Global pandemic. COVID-19.

Year 6 - ???

Two major injuries, missing the Olympics in his young prime, and a global pandemic in his first five years. Ouch. Hopefully they don’t bin Year 6.

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