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Hot Links: Tuesday, November 16

Dylan Holloway’s fast start, Caleb Jones’ coming breakout, #Oilers sued by Dallas hotel, Reverse Retros, Ray Ferraro on Tyson Barrie, Jesse Puljujarvi projecting as 1RW, Edmonton goalie history, and MORE!

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Detroit Red Wings v Edmonton Oilers
Could this be next year’s first line?

Morning, folks!


That’s right, people, today marks the start of our annual off-season Top 25 Under 25, where we bash our heads together to try and rank the organization’s young assets in order of...

Well, that’s just it. We all have our own orders, because we all value things a little bit differently. As such, be prepared to see some guys slot in higher or lower than you might expect.

I came across a stat this morning as part of a good thread on Connor McDavid’s 5v5 defensive impact, and it blew my mind:

I didn’t fact check it, so I’m sorry if its incorrect, but isn’t it wild that it seems true?!

Anyway, even though McDavid is about as far from the problem as he could be, figuring out how to improve McDavid’s 5v5 defense should rank pretty high on Dave Tippett’s TODO list.

Maybe the F group having some on-paper depth this season will help.

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