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Hot Links: Friday, November 13

T25 U25 graduates, key prospect updates: Puljujarvi, Lavoie, Bouchard, Broberg, and Samorukov, on Ethan Bear’s next deal, a reverse retro sneak peak, and MORE!

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2019 NHL Combine Photo by Katie Friedman/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Really kind of dredging the pond for Oilers news at the moment and, what with it being Friday the 13th and all, I’m not going to try and press too hard to find a conversation.

Yesterday, the Oilers released a preview of their upcoming Reverse Retro jersey:

One thing I can say — it looks like the shades of orange and blue are more in line with their historical colorways — and that’s huge. The Oilers are not a weird orange and navy club. They just aren’t.

EDIT — OK, sure, they featured navy from like 1996 to 2012. But with copper, damnit.

This morning I was reminded of a lovely set of articles (thanks Lowetide) from Scott Wheeler at The Athletic that profiled Dylan Holloway, Raphael Lavoie last year, and Evan Bouchard the year prior. If you haven’t checked them out, do so. If you don’t have an account, these articles are at least worth the 7-day trial. All of them likely represent the most complete draft-year profiles of these guys and while, obviously, in Lavoie and Bouchard’s cases, the analysis will be a bit dated, it’s still information worth consuming.

Enjoy your weekends, stay safe, and take care of each other.

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