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“Reverse Retro” Jerseys Headed To Edmonton And Rest Of NHL

Another new uniform set to debut in 2020-21

“Reverse Retro”

Another year, another outfit.

The Oilers’ official Twitter account teased the “reverse retro” jerseys set to debut sometime in 2020-21.

Each team will be wearing their own version of the reverse retro after Adidas and all the NHL team accounts ran a “teaser” like the one above. If we take what we see from the Oilers at face value, one could reasonably think that the new kits would look something like this:

I could go another year without a brand new jersey, but these projected kits aren’t bad. The dark alternate that was released in 2019-20 was adventurous, the projected ones look like a throwback to the club’s NHL debut. I’m a sucker for most anything retro, and what’s old is always new again. (I think I would’ve liked to see a McFarlane variant, but I’m not sure we’ll see those anytime soon).

I could also be talked into some of those gorgeous Alberta Oiler jerseys from the early 1970s - from way back into the WHA days. The Oilers have an excellent heritage from the WHA that is rarely acknowledged since the team’s transition to the NHL in 1979. An Alberta jersey would be a nod to the past for sure.

Look for more info about the Reverse Retro jersey in the coming weeks.