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Oilers Reveal Connor McDavid Has Covid-19

Team issues brief statement late Monday

Edmonton Oilers v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

The Oilers have announced that Connor McDavid has contracted Covid-19. He is said to be experiencing mild symptoms at this time, and he will self-quarantine.

All of us at the Copper and Blue headquarters are pulling for McDavid to have a speedy and full recovery.

To you, the reader - a personal note. Take care of yourself, and those around you. Connor McDavid getting Covid 19 is bad business for fans of the team, but it’s much more serious for himself, his family, and those immediately around him. It’s also a reminder that Covid-19 is not yet under control. Take precautionary steps to give yourself and your family the best chance at avoiding this virus, and we will all get through this together.