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Oscar Klefbom Is Expected To Play Tonight vs. Buffalo

Did not finish game versus Rangers, is expected to pair with Ethan Bear tonight.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Edmonton Oilers
Blockin’ shots, blockin’ shots

Things looked ominous in Tuesday’s game versus the Rangers. Not only did the Oilers build up a 6-0 lead only to let it slip to 6-5 before holding on to the end, Oscar Klefbom came out of the game after blocking a shot with his leg.

I don’t need this, you don’t need this. We didn’t hear any updates between Tuesday night and this morning, until

This is encouraging!

I was especially concerned because I didn’t think that NHL clubs let players on the ice who may have needed days or weeks of time to recover from an injury, but here is Oscar Klefbom on the ice in Buffalo! I wonder how long he’s expected to miss time?

Klefbom on the top pair with Ethan Bear tonight? Yes, please.

Whatever they’re feeding him, keep it up.

Tonight’s game versus the Sabres is at 5 PM MST.