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Zack Kassian Suspended Two Games For Altercation With Matthew Tkachuk

Kassian will be eligible to return on January 29th when these two teams hook up again.

Edmonton Oilers v Calgary Flames
Will be eligible to return on January 29th...versus Calgary
Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Zack Kassian will miss the next two games after Satuday’s incident with Matthew Tkachuk.

Kassian was a little hot under the collar after getting run by Calgary’s Matthew Tkachuk. After it happened a third time in two periods, Kassian took matters into his own hands late in the second. Kassian dummied Tkachuk and took a four minute penalty. The Flames would score on the ensuing power play when Elias Lindholm scored his 20th of the season early in the third. Lindholm’s goal would prove to be the game winner, as the Oilers couldn’t tie it up.

There’s a lot of talk right now between the Oilers and Flames fan bases about whether or not Kassian was justified in what he did. I’ve got Oiler shades on, but it’s pretty clear that Kassian had his fill of Tkachuk after Tkachuk took his third run at Kassian. Tkachuk did what he does so well, and that’s act like nothing happened while Kassian went to town on him. It probably felt pretty good for Kassian, but the Flames would be the ones laughing last.

I’m way more upset with the fact that Kassian couldn’t take a number and visit Tkachuk later in the game (or in a couple of weeks when these teams meet again), as Kassian’s penalty would eventually cost the Oilers a possible two points in the standings.

Zack Kassian will tomorrow’s game against the Nashville Predators and Saturday’s game against the Arizona Coyotes. Kassian will be eligible to come back on January 29th when the Oilers will host the Calgary Flames.