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Hot Links: Thursday, September 5

It’s ACTUALLY Thursday this time! Top 25 Under 25 continued yesterday with Evan Bouchard at 3 and we’re in final two territory now! Lucic and Neal interviews, McDavid updates, and ROOKIE CAMP STARTS THIS AFTERNOON!

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Pittsburgh Penguins v Edmonton Oilers
Evan Bouchard, #3 in this year’s Top 25 Under 25.

Morning, folks!

The most important news from yesterday came from Connor McDavid’s agent, who provided an update on his client’s knee. No setbacks, but no guarantees he’s ready for camp. If it were me, I’d keep him in bubble wrap until he’s 110% ready.

Milan Lucic made the news yesterday after an interview in which he may or may not have taken a not-so-veiled shot at his former captain. It’s mostly notable because it led the local MSM to publicly shiv Lucic on Twitter for his on-, and off-ice performances in Edmonton.

James Neal had his first on-camera interview after an informal skate yesterday morning.

Sunil took a look at some of the Oilers’ major issues from a year ago.

And, oh yeah. ROOKIE CAMP STARTS TODAY. The Oilers and Flames rookies play an actual hockey game in two days. TWO DAYS. It’s happening, people.

From Us

Top 25 Under 25: #3 - Evan Bouchard (Copper and Blue)

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From Elsewhere

Problem solving. (The SuperFan)

Lucic not feeling the pressure in Calgary. He is feeling his older captain, however. Or, at least his captain’s oldness. (Sportsnet)

James Neal’s interview. (Sportsnet)

McDavid’s agent. (The Score)

It appears the McDavid and Draisaitl contracts were rare wins for the Oilers during Chiarelli’s time here. (Oilersnation)

No setbacks with McDavid’s leg. (Sportsnet)

LDR’s video games. (Lowetide)

For Money

The Oilers’ defensive hopes will rest on their new shutdown pair, Darnell Nurse and Adam Larsson. (The Athletic)

Players to watch at rookie camp. (The Athletic)