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Hot Links: Thursday, August 8

Edmonton #Oilers news, #NHL notes, that kind of thing.

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Edmonton Oilers v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Graig Abel Collection/Getty Images

Good morning, folks.

Unfortunately, the biggest story even tangentially related to the Edmonton Oilers this morning is courtesy the Detroit Free Press, who have an update on former first overall pick of 1986 Joe Murphy.

Ken Holland sat down with TSN’s Tessa Bonhomme to chat chicken a few days back. Scroll down for the video below.

Lowetide, Gord bless him, published something yesterday.

The Journal and Sun still exist. Maybe they have some stories? One day.

Otherwise, the good stories in the Oily City are few and far between as August marches on.

And on.

And on.

In other news, our annual Top 25 Under 25 series gets going later this afternoon. Check back shortly after 1pm MST to see the results of our Fan Vote. Tomorrow, we’ll have our ‘just missed’ list - a look at the players we had 30-25. Stay tuned!

From Us

Yesterday. (Copper and Blue)

From Elsewhere

On Joe Murphy, whom we wish all the best. (Detroit Free Press)

Lowetide looks at some interesting training camp battles set to kick off this fall. (Lowetide)

Ken Holland on TSN. (TSN via Youtube) OR:

For Money

Dom at The Athletic polled fans about their confidence in their favorite team’s front offices. The Oilers ranked 28th. (The Athletic)

If you’re a punk/hardcore music fan, The Athletic’s got something you might like this morning. (The Athletic)