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Hot Links: Tuesday, August 6

Barely curated #Oilers links from the doggest days of summer. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. From Columns A and B.

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2019 NHL Awards
Is the string belt like a money thing, or?
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Good morning!

We are set to release our first Top 25 Under 25 article on Friday, looking at our own ranks 30-25 as sort of honorable mentions to our annual list. If you haven’t submitted your own rankings and would like to, click HERE do so before they close on Wednesday night. Results will be posted on Thursday to sate your curiosities.

I didn’t mention this yesterday, but Kevin Shattenkirk ended up signing in Tampa Bay for the extremely reasonable number of $1.75MM. I hear the arguments against it, sure, but that’s pretty close to that “so good you can’t really lose” number I talked about. Corsica had him 44th among RD as of last season. For context, Adam Larsson was in the mid-80s.

Jeff talked about Leon Draisaitl’s upcoming season, trying to pin down a likely range for the Oilers’ most recent 50-goal man. Opinions are... divergent. Like that movie Divergent.

The Oilers / Flames ‘Young Guns’ two-game set will go in Red Deer starting September 7th. It might be the only time to get Oilers tickets for under $30 bucks until November or so.

Otherwise? I mean, it’s August. There is no and then. See you tomorrow!

From Us

Forecasting Leon Draisaitl’s 2019-20. (Copper and Blue)

Yesterday. (Copper and Blue)

T25 U25 Fan Vote (Copper and Blue) - Closing Wednesday night!

From Elsewhere

Lowetide’s daily, with a little NHLe talk. (Lowetide)

Some Cam Talbot talk, with a garnish of Jesse Puljujarvi. (Oilersnation)

A Dustin Penner retrospective. (Oilersnation)

About that Young Guns thing. (

For Money

Cooper Marody’s utility might help his cause to make the Oilers out of camp. (The Athletic)