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Hot Links: Friday, August 30

Yesterday’s news items: T25 U25 - Raphael Lavoie, Jesse Puljujarvi, Darnell Nurse, and other news items and etceteras and so forths. Happy Friday.

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2019 NHL Draft - Portraits
Raphael Lavoie debuts at #8 in the T25 U25 this season.
Photo by Kevin Light/Getty Images

Morning, everyone.

A bit more on the Jesse Puljujarvi stuff before we likely bed that story. At least until the next trade rumour anyway.

Raphael Lavoie made his appearance in the Top 25 Under 25 yesterday afternoon. Come back this afternoon for the next article in the series later this afternoon.

Assistant coach Glen Gulutzan talked about the Oilers PP, which finished 9th in the league (47/222, 21.3%) last year.

Darnell Nurse is due a raise. And, if Playfair is to be believed, the Oilers might be setting him up to get the biggest one he can this season.

There’s more, but it’s Friday. Get into the links, then get outta here and enjoy your weekends!

From Us

Top 25 Under 25: #8 - Raphael Lavoie (Copper and Blue)

Yesterday’s links. (Copper and Blue)

From Elsewhere

This isn’t a solution - on Puljujarvi. (Oilersnation)

Gulutzan discusses the PP. (Oilersnation)

GET TO KNOW - Ryan McLeod gets profiled by the Bakersfield Condors website. (Bakersfield Condors)

Chantays pipeline - Lowetide looks at the Oilers worse-than-you-remember recent history when drafting outside the first round. (Lowetide)

What will the Oilers defensive depth chart look like? (The Oilers Rig)

For Money

Willis: How much money will Darnell Nurse make on his next contract? (The Athletic)

More on the sweeping changes coming to Sportsnet. (The Athletic)