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McDavid Not Skating at Biosteel Camp, Hopes to Return for Start of Training Camp

Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

Per TSN.CA, Connor McDavid is attending Biosteel Camp in Toronto this week, though is won’t skate, due to the leg injury he suffered in the Oilers’ 82nd game of the year, against the Flames last season.

The good news is that McDavid has resumed skating, and, according to him, hasn’t had a setback in his rehab this summer.

The worrisome part of all this is that he’s obviously not yet at 100%. If returning for the start of training camp is, in fact a realistic goal, then Oilers fans shouldn’t be too worried about the prospect of McDavid missing any regular season contests. Still, there’s always the concern that a summer full of rehab means that McDavid may not be in top form at the start of the year.

Considering how dependent the Oilers are on their superstar centre, this could be a significant blow to their playoff hopes, since 80+ games of MVP caliber play from McDavid seems to be a prerequisite to a competitive year from the Oilers.