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Hot Links: Thursday, August 22

T25 U25 continues with Jujhar Khaira at #16, and #15 releasing after lunch (~1PM MST). Derick Brassard lands elsewhere, and a few more threads we’re following on this grey Thursday in the Windy Oil.

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NHL: New York Rangers at Edmonton Oilers
You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind.
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning!

A few minutes behind schedule, but we made it! Let’s keep it y-fronts today, and get you daily dosed ASAP.

Today’s bits of tid include:

The ongoing Top 25 Under 25 here at Copper and Blue, with Jujhar Khaira checking in at #16 before #15 releases later today.

The Oilers official site profiled Ethan Bear as part of their Roster Reboot series.

Derick Brassard did join a team in orange and blue, but it wasn’t the team we like. Unless Jordan Eberle’s trade and Mat Barzal’s goodness has made you an Islanders fan in recent years.

Not much else today, so let’s get to it. Happy Thursday.

From Us

T25 U25: #16 - Jujhar Khaira (Copper and Blue)

Yesterday. (Copper and Blue)

From Elsewhere

Lowetide - Walls and Bridges (Lowetide)

Gregor profiles Cooper Marody the hockey player, and the musician. Luckily it’s the same guy, so he saved a trip. (Oilersnation)

Roster Reboot - Ethan Bear (

Derick Brassard agrees to one-year contract with the Islanders. (

For Money

Dave Tippett might have to take drastic action to find a second (out)scoring line in 2019-20. (The Athletic)

Which special skills make the NHL’s best jealous? (The Athletic)

Custance looks at how the Pacific Division clubs stack up against the St. Louis Blues. (The Athletic)

Pronman’s series marches on. He’s at THIRTEEN now, and the Oilers are still nowhere to be found. Have I been seriously underrating the Oilers’ farm system for this long? Or, has expansion diluted the talent that much? I’m perplexed, to be honest. (The Athletic)