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Hot Links: Wednesday, August 14

T25 U25: Ryan Mantha (we know) checks in at 24. #23 drops at 1pm or thereabouts. #Oilers things otherwise. All things #Oilers things. Happy Hump Day.

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NHL: APR 06 Oilers at Flames
Word on the street suggests the Flames might look outside for D help. Might we interest you in a bonafide Stampede Savant?
Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning!

Are you still with us? Are you still awake?

Yesterday, we released our T25 U25 look at our #24 ranked player, D Ryan Mantha. The comments (and the internets) quite astutely noted the severity of his most recent injury, and were puzzled. Fair. Hustle back to the article to see what drove my reasoning.

Or, don’t:

I knew he was injured (severely), but the latest update I read was him being positive and it came around May 2019.

I couldn’t find anything to the contrary more recently. And given his production to date, his being a natural RD, and the general dearth of talent at this end of the 40-player list, I had him at 31. I don’t expect much from any of these guys, and if he gets healthy, all of that will count for something.”

Whether you agree or not is fine, but it seemed puzzling enough to the masses that I felt obligated to provide further explanation for my part at least.

Sticking with the T25 U25 theme, our next article on the #23 ranked player drops shortly after lunch. How shortly depends on how busy my morning is at work, I suppose. Due tomorrow means ‘do tomorrow’, after all. It should be fine. It’ll be fine. It’ll probably be fine. Either way, stay tuned for the suspense! WILL HE PUBLISH ON TIME?! ONLY TIME KNOWS.

I’ll stop, but after me, there isn’t much for today. It would appear the Oilers brass are either on vacation or happily content with their roster as is. Either is a bit disappointing, to be honest. Given the news out of Calgary about Juuso Valimaki’s injury and their desire to look outside the organization for reinforcements, I’d be really trying to gin up the narrative that Kris Russell deserves (and wants) to go home. Let’s move mountains, people.

Anyway, happy humping! See you tomorrow.

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