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Hot Links: Thursday, August 1

Shattenkirk buyout, Tippett interview, Ken Holland, Tyler Benson, Cooper Marody, Jesse Puljujarvi, and more! Specifically, someone might hire Peter Chiarelli!

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2019 NHL Draft - Round One
“Sorry, WHO is in my top six?”
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning!

Not much to report in terms of new Edmonton Oilers, uh, news. But the NHL produced some interesting Timbits yesterday:

  • Kevin Shattenkirk will be bought out by the New York Rangers, making him an Unrestricted Free Agent. Might the Oilers want to take a look? Opinions seem to vary from, “He’s obviously better than Adam Larsson and Kris Russell, so let’s talk!” to “He’s a PP specialist playing heavily sheltered minutes (for a reason), and the Oilers have enough guys who can’t play well enough in a top four role at 5v5 as it is.” Both sides have merit, I think. I think there would be a term/number combination that exists that would make it a sure bet, but I don’t think the Oilers would be able to make that happen.
  • Paul Fenton was recently relieved of his duties as Minnesota Wild GM after one tumultuous (read: abhorrent) season’s worth of work. Imagine if the Oilers cut bait with Peter Chiarelli after one season? Perhaps after that one season but before late June? Taylor Hall we forever miss you.
  • Speaking of Tater Chiarelli, apparently the Wild are entertaining the idea of hiring him. The NHL might be a full on joke, TBH.

Anyway, let’s get to the important stuff.

From Us

Yesterday. (Copper and Blue)

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From Elsewhere

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Dave Tippett, on camera. (Edmonton Journal)

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For Money

Willis on Jesse Puljujarvi - how he still has upside, and how the Oilers are playing his trade request correctly this summer. (The Athletic)

Lowetide on Yamamoto - a player who has the talent to win a job at camp on merit. (The Athletic)