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Hot Links: Tuesday, July 9

Oilers, Vlad Jr, Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

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T-Mobile Home Run Derby
Put on a show, young man.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Honestly, all of the Oilers news happening right now is pretty disappointing. Smarter people than I are prognosticating some pretty grim things for our heroes this season. I mean, it makes sense - they removed a top 4 D and only added at the margins - expecting much improvement out of Thin Air this year is a fool’s game. He’s long past his sell by date.

Look at this, courtesy CJ Torturo (@CJTDevil):

28th. 28th best roster by GAR. With Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. Ken Holland has done a bad job.

The MLB HR Derby was last night though, and it was spectacular. Vlad Guerrero Jr, maligned for being included based on his reputation and not his performance so far, answered his critics by going off for 91 (!!!!!) HR before succumbing to his own greatness and running out of gas before Pete Alonso managed to pip him at the end for the title. For me, it’s hollow. He had to hit almost 40 less over the course of the night, and never hit single-round heights of his opponent. Oh well, he seems nice enough. Good for you Peter.

Otherwise, what else is there? Free agent rumors, an absolute cracker of a team-friendly-deal for 56 point RFA F Kevin LaBanc in San Francisco. Oh, yeah. And a bunch of sad predictions for our sad heroes. The Oilers are bad and if they don’t get significantly better by this time next year Connor McDavid will ask to leave. Matt my words.

Happy Tuesday. Happy Anniversary K and J.

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