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Hot Links: Friday, July 5

#KAWHIWATCH, some #Oilers stuff, and some other stuff as we sail into the weekend!

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NHL: NHL Draft
That feeling when you’re a millionaire now
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Good morning, everyone!

A few bits and bobs before we get to Saturday. First, Philip Broberg put pen to paper to make his ELC official. The next step will be figuring out which side of the Atlantic (ocean, not division) he’ll be playing next season.

The UFA market still contains some names at F that would surely help the ailing Oilers. Perhaps this summer will see the late signers’ come in a beat cheaper. Of course, we know that’s not always the case for all UFAs.

Otherwise, it’s - or at least it feels like - day one million of #KawhiWatch. Will he? Won’t he? I’m not sure how productive myself or any of my friends also on #KawhiWatch have been this week. Who cares, it’ll all be worth it when #HESTAY.

Have a great weekend!

From Us

Oilers sign Broberg. (Copper and Blue)

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From Elsewhere

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Lowetide’s daily. (Lowetide)

For Money

The Price of a Win (The Athletic) - Worth reading because Dom proffers that Taylor Hall is better than Artemi Panarin, that Panarin’s new contract is probably fair market value or close to it, and to remind us just how many Oilers fans ACTUALLY REJOICED when they dealt an MVP making roughly 50% of what he’d be worth in the market for a #4 defenseman who can’t move the needle moving forward. Worth the free trial for that passage ALONE.

The Oilers’ depth chart, and what’s next? (The Athletic)

Adding a scorer would be Ken Holland’s biggest move so far (The Athletic)