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Hot Links: Thursday, July 4

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Free Agency continues, Chiasson interview, Jim Playfair interview, and more!

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Columbus Blue Jackets at Tampa Bay Lightning
Ryan Dzingel remains a UFA.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! We’re under the wire here so let’s see what we can cobble together in 16 minutes or so. One day closer to the weekend, but for you Canadians out there, does not this short week still feel quite long-ish? Very regular indeed, week-wise? Anyway. Perhaps it’s the delirium from a few hours of sleep. Perhaps it’s the very real PTSD I triggered yesterday when I sat down to write a Tater Chiarelli piece yesterday before having to angry quit because I was in a Wendy’s. Who’s to say?

A few notable UFAs remain, including F Ryan Dzingel, F Marcus Johansson, and F Joe Thornton.

Can the Oilers find a willing and incapable trade partner to try and take advantage of?

Will the roster measurably improve between today and October?

Toronto - and, apparently the rest of North America - got a taste of what every single big name transfer in European football looks like with #KawhiWatch yesterday. Hopefully #HESTAY.

Happy July 4th to those it may concern, also!

From Us

Sunil’s back at it again on CBC talking everything Oilers. Always worth your time. (Copper and Blue / TheSuperFan)

Yesterday (Copper and Blue)

From Elsewhere

New Assistant Coach Jim Playfair discussing his philosophy. (Oilersnation)

What’s left in Free Agency? (Oilersnation)

Can the Oilers find a dance partner? (Oilersnation)

Alex Chiasson spoke to the media yesterday after signing his new deal. He’s a thoughtful interview, that’s for sure. (

For Money

What’s the likelihood that Mike Smith rebounds this season? (The Athletic)

‘Til tomorrow.