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Hot Links: Tuesday, July 30

Edmonton Oilers news, notes, and rumors. Or none of those things. Mystery.

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2019 NHL Draft - Round One
Now what?
Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Good morning!

The big news yesterday was Ray Shero’s work in acquiring likely-good KHL import F Nikita Gusev for a second (2020) and third round pick (2021). Gusev has put up gaudy numbers in Russia, and is rumored to be willing to come to the NHL for somewhere south of $5MM per. Hard to hate that bet by the New Jersey Devils.

In Edmonton, not much to report. We’d like to have seen our heroes make a play for Gusev as, now that the euphoria of the Milan Lucic exorcism has worn off some, it’s back to being painfully aware of just how bad the forward group is. They still need a lot of help. They are a long way off.

Sunil wrote about James Neal and dove deeper into some of his KPIs from last season and prior.

Otherwise, our annual T25U25 is kicking off shortly. Stay tuned to see where we rank a bunch of tweeners you’ve probably never heard of! Happy Tuesday!

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