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Hot Links: Wednesday, July 3

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Olympics: Ice Hockey-Men Team Group A - CZE-SUI
“No, you’re the one who’s trippin’!!” - Gaetan Haas, probably.
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Hump Day everyone!

The week continues with yours truly taking full advantage of his not needing to be at work until 10 local.

Of course, when you make decisions like that at 8:30 local, the links sleep in too. Apologies for you early birds, the worm is taking its sweet time today.

Anyway, shall we?

We talked Gaetan Haas on the Twitter account. If you don’t check it and like seeing me get yelled at by a bunch of Stockholm Syndromers, please do indeed sauce us a follow. (Don’t worry, I hate myself for saying that, too.) I’m just kidding, too. Live your life, do what you want.

If not, at least check out the thread below. We got a wonderful, detailed reply that gives us a bit more insight into what Gaetan Haas actually was in the Swiss National League.

Jujhar Khaira provided an interview through the Oilers official website, talking his summer, his focus, and of course his new deal.

Mike Smith spoke to The Athletic after signing his new deal that still gives me Present Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The USWNT beat England and sipped tea and it was wonderful, even though generally I do not like the USWNT. I respect the hell out of those women for balling out of control.

Also, RIP Tyler Skaggs. Tragic.

Take care, see you tomorrow.

From Us

UFA Day 1 Overview. (Copper and Blue)

Yesterday. (Copper and Blue)

From Elsewhere

Lowetide’s daily. (Lowetide)

Free Agency is in full swing after a quiet day 2, and the Oilers are still full of holes. (Oilersnation)

There is some smoke regarding Pat Maroon. I like him fine enough at a cap hit commensurate with his abilities and age, but I do not like him at even a dollar or a day more than either. (Oilersnation)

The Oilers made the Gaetan Haas signing official yesterday. (

Mr. Khaira’s interview. (

Mike Smith’s interview. ( - LISTEN TO IT HERE:

What’s left for Kenny Netherlands? (The Oilers Rig)

For Money

An analysis of Mike Smith’s interview. (The Athletic)

Lowetide, but for cash. Does Holland’s (in-)activity so far open up spots for Tyler Benson and Kailer Yamamoto? (The Athletic)

That’s it, that’s a wrap. Til tomorrow!