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Hot Links: Friday, July 26

That sweet, sweet weekend is on the horizon.

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2019 NHL Draft - Round One
“You drink red wine with fish?! You’re crazy, man.”
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Good morning, and happy Friday!

What a time to be alive. We’re a short workday away from the weekend, and the excitement is palpable.

Oil Country is still flying relatively high after the Milan Lucic / James Neal swap, and rightfully so.

That said, the roster as it stands today is not without it’s obvious problems. Check these projected lineups, courtesy DailyFaceoff with ratings by Corsica:

DailyFaceoff’s projected lines as of today.
Courtesy DailyFaceoff + Corsica

Some things to remember: Jesse Puljujarvi still doesn’t have an NHL deal for next season, so it’s entirely likely someone like Gaetan Haas slots in there instead.

Something to ponder: what the hell happened to Adam Larsson last season, and can he recover to the point they desperately need him to? For me, it looked like he was dealing with a back problem most of last year. He couldn’t move. Hopefully for his sake that clears up, because back problems are the worst. Hopefully for our sake he does, too. The Oilers require it.

Otherwise? Not much happening. Another summer day. It’s gorgeous outside though, so maybe go play a few golfing holes. See you next week.

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