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Hot Links: Thursday, July 25

How many points might James Neal be in for? What about Leon Draisaitl? Is Jake Gardiner a possibility for the #Oilers? All that and more!

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Champions For Charity 2019
Does #L50N have another 50 goals in him this year?
Photo by Lukas Schulze/Getty Images

Good morning, folks!

Whenever it’s this grey outside I can’t help but wonder if it was a day like this that inspired that Seal lyric. Then I wonder if I am even understanding what ‘on the grey’ means. These are the kinds of thoughts one has when the Oilers news tapers off and the dog days of August are slow approaching.

Jeff had a look at what James Neal’s season might look like - including a poll for the people. Looks like most of us are feeling a mite optimistic.

Frequenter of the comments, bituman, wrote a fan post on Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl worth checking out, too.

Another recent fan post from interestingintelligent with some predictions for next season, both bold and not-so.

Admittedly, I don’t always check that section - but writing fan posts was how I originally got started here, so if you publish anything and want it to get a bit of burn, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

Otherwise around the ‘sphere, we check in with all the usuals. Some Draisaitl stuff, Lowetide’s daily. We’ve got all of it. Or, at least, most of it. Have a great Thursday.

From Us

Forecasting James Neal’s 2019-20. (Copper and Blue)

Splitting Draisaitl and McDavid. (Copper and Blue - Fan Post)

Bold and not-bold predictions for next season. (Copper and Blue - Fan Post)

From Elsewhere

Lowetide’s daily. (Lowetide)

Predicting Leon Draisaitl’s 2019-20. (Oilersnation)

EDIT - Jake Gardiner and the Edmonton Oilers. (The Hockey Writers)

Ken Holland’s got some shopping to do. What’s left on the list? (The Oilers Rig)

For Money

DNB with a look back at what the Oilers might look like without Chiarelli’s missteps along the way. (The Athletic)

Tulloch looking at top candidates for regression in 2019-20. (The Athletic)