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Hot Links: Monday, July 22

#Oilers trade Milan Lucic and a conditional third-round pick for James Neal.

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Colorado Avalanche v Calgary Flames - Game Two
Neal is a candidate for a bounce back or buy out. Maybe both?
Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Good morning!

Anything exciting happen this weekend? Like, say, did your favorite person get trapped under a fridge some time earlier, and was this the weekend they were able to get out from under it?

In case you were living under a fridge-sized rock this weekend, you’ve likely heard the big news: James Neal is an Edmonton Oiler, but more importantly, Milan Lucic is a Calgary Flame.

I just. I still can’t believe it.

Anyway, as you might expect, today’s links are going to be heavily focused around the biggest news of the summer. Credit to Ken Holland - this is decidedly more impactful for the team’s future than signing a bunch of maybes from across the Atlantic. You’ve got to tip your hat.

In other news, Shane Lowry won the Open. Vlad Jr. hit his first Big Salami. And the Oilers traded Lucic. Read that last bit out loud, the Lucic part. It’ll make you smile.

From Us

On the Lucic trade. (Copper and Blue)

From Elsewhere

James Neal hoping to play beside Connor McDavid. (TSN)

Lowetide’s sunday summary. (Lowetide)

LT in the afterglow of the Milan Lucic deal. (Lowetide)

LT’s primer from Friday - just before the trade. (Lowetide)

Let’s talk fit. (Oilersnation)

More on the Oilers’ newest winger. (Oilersnation)

Even more on the Lucic deal. (Oilersnation)

The Lucic deal is a win for Edmonton. (Oilersnation)

For Money

Lowetide looks at how the Neal acquisition might impact the Oilers’ prospects. (The Athletic)

LT’s take on the trade, and what it might mean for Edmonton’s top six. (The Athletic)

DNB on Holland’s big deal. (The Athletic)

That’s it for now! See you tomorrow.