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Hot Links: Friday, July 19

Another day, a-nothing happened. Google signatures before you buy signed jerseys, kids.

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2019 NHL Draft - Round 2-7
“Yeah, three larges. Yeah, pepperoni. Yeah, cash.”
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Good morning!

Happy Friday!


I’ll keep it short and sweet today. The biggest story around these parts was the counterfeit Connor McDavid jersey ring being taken down in what can perhaps best be described as saving people from themselves. If you’re willing to drop even hundreds of dollars on a signed piece of McMemorabilia, it’s prudent to do even the minimum amount of homework to make sure it’s authentic.

Beyond that, no changes on the Oilers front. The pessimists like me as are as - or more - pessimistic than they were on Thursday. The optimists are trying their gosh darn best, but reality bites and the Oilers are a lottery team + a superlative superstar. They need more.

Everyone else is wondering how in the blue hell we can talk about hockey every day during the offseason. I ask myself sometimes too.

From Us

Yesterday (Copper and Blue)

From Elsewhere

Man arrested for selling counterfeit signed jerseys. (Journal)

Jon Willis was on TSN1040 in Vancouver (weirdly enough) talking Oilers - worth a listen. (TSN)

Check in with Lowetide’s daily. (Lowetide)

Zack Kassian is slated in to start at RW1 this season. Lucky lucky. (Oilersnation)

Realities of the Oilers roster. (Oilersnation)

For Money

Willis again, this time looking at the dearth of puck moving on the Oilers’ blue line. (The Athletic)

Kent Wilson on why the Oilers and Flames would (and would not) make a big move. (The Athletic)

That’s it, that’s all, have a great weekend and don’t forget to caption that photo!