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Hot Links: Wednesday, July 10

#Oilers happenings, and not happenings for your hump day.

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Nashville Predators v Buffalo Sabres
Did Chicago think they were trading for William?
Photo by Sara Schmidle/NHLI via Getty Images

Good morning!

Well, well well. Another day, another deal another team made for another player worth trading for. Another day passed with Ken Holland failing to address any of the actual issues plaguing the team.

Say what you will about Henri Jokiharju but he was an NHL regular at 20 last season and Alex Nylander has been scruffing around in the AHL for a few seasons now. I don’t think it’s quite as lopsided as some, but I’m finding it tough to justify Chicago’s thinking on this one. Buffalo has had a relatively nice summer if you ignore that Brinks Truck they parked outside of Jeff Skinner’s house.

What else is new? Well, Ken Holland isn’t much of a do-er lately, so the same stories plague our heroes. Will McDavid be the same come September? Will the Oilers trade RNH for Ristolainen? Jim Matheson couldn’t help but note the glut of D in BUF’s stable now, and he’s been pushing for a Ristolainen add for years now. Stauffer was up to his old tricks, too, suggesting that a Jesse Puljujarvi trade for absolutely nothing might actually be palatable for the Oilers. Eventually he will come all the way down to cash considerations and Jesse will be out the door for a Subway Club card. They don’t even accept those anymore, but I digress. I wouldn’t get my hopes up that the Puljujarvi return is even acceptable.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, the sun is out, the birds are alive and pooping, and cosmic ballet goes on. Til next time.

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