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Hot Links: Wednesday, June 5

McDavid’s leg, Stanley Cup stuff, NBA Finals

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Edmonton Oilers v Vegas Golden Knights
I volunteer my leg as tribute.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Yesterday news broke of Connor McDavid sporting a limp and a brace on his recently wrecked left leg at a Canadian Tire JumpStart event. The Captain was as noticeably tight-lipped as we has limping, sending an already nervous fanbase into frenzy. Speculation and panic set in immediately and takes ranged from ‘this is how human beings heal after rupturing knee ligaments, even partially’ to ‘WHY IS MCDAVID DEAD SOMEONE GET ME A BROWN PAPER BAG?!’

McDavid was also asked about his patience for the Oilers to turn it around and he opted not to answer. I don’t know about you but it certainly didn’t lead me to believe that patience was anywhere close to infinite. Kenny Netherlands better figure it out, and fast. Typically I’d never mean ‘sign Mike Smith’ when I say that, so the next little while will be interesting.

Anyway. Let’s hope it’s nothing, right?! Please, please be nothing. The Mike Smith thing I mean, mostly. McDavid will be fine. He’s 22, his ligaments are still made mostly from hopes and dreams.


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