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Happy Trade-versary!

The Taylor Hall trade lives on in infamy

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Where has the time gone?

It feels like only yesterday that the Oilers fan-base was fighting tooth and nail about the Taylor Hall trade....wait....that was yesterday!

The Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson trade will never truly die for fans around the Edmonton Oilers. As we observe the third anniversary of the trade, passionate fans still bring up what could of been.

The Lasting Impact

Of course, I know the backlash that this post is most likely to garner. Large portions of the fanbase are absolutely sick about hearing about it, and rightfully so. It seems like every single move that the Oilers make is compared to it. It would be in my best interest to stay far far away from discussing the trade at all, but I am not going to do that.

It is important that we remember significant moments in franchise history, whether they be good or, in this case, bad. Fact is, the trade was incredibly lopsided in New Jerseys favour and the current roster is still feeling the impact of Hall’s departure. While Adam Larsson is a very good player in his own right, it doesn’t help our scoring problems at the forward position. It shows that you cannot simply fill a hole on a roster by creating another hole elsewhere.


Ok ok ok I’m done now!

Of course there is nothing we can do to revert the trade now (unless Taylor comes home in free agency next year PLEASE GOD LET IT HAPPEN).

Treat this more like a crappy “This Day in Oilers History” type of thing.

Also, a huge shout-out to the New Jersey Devils for basking in my pain and sorrow on this monumental day! I APPRECIATE IT GUYS

I am not prepared for the hate this will get, I have tissues on the stand-by.