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Hot Links: Friday, June 28

On schedule! On time! On point? Hon-est!

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Team Blue (Mazura, Siikanen, McLeod, Vesey, Lavoie, Skinner) took home the Billy Moores Cup.
Edmonton Oilers

Happy Friday. What an occasion. We’re about to have three consecutive days off and I am certainly here for it. No guarantees about Monday’s links. I’m telling you now, so that gets me off the hook.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today: the Oilers wrapped up their development camp after four consecutive days of bro-ing out culminated in the annual Billy Moore’s Cup last night, with the Ryan McLeod-led Team Blue apparently winning. Bully for them.

Otherwise, we are one step closer to UFA Day, which just so happens to be on a Monday this year. What will be the most surprising signing on July 1? Will it be a big name player to a smaller market? The Oilers signing someone good? Let us know in the comments.

Past that? I’ve got nothing for ya. Get outta here, we’ll see you next week.

Well, read the links first or whatever. But then still go.

From Us

C&B’s CB talking CS from his Couch. (Copper and Blue)

The rumor round-up. (Copper and Blue)

I feel like posting this every day in the hopes that someone else reads it and is like ‘oh yeah we could use Kris Russell here is Sebastian Aho in a sign-and-trade.’ (Copper and Blue)

Yesterday. Doesn’t seem so faaaaaar away. (Copper and Blue)

From Elsewhere

More on Dev Camp. (

Scott Howson interview. (Oilersnation) - I don’t necessarily vet every article I link here (SURPRISE!!) but I did read this one, and what I don’t like about this interview is that they are sat down with the VP of Player Development and still wouldn’t (or, at least didn’t) mention very recent, high-profile wantaway F Jesse Puljujarvi. I would appreciate if, in these moments, there were some real questions asked that tried to unearth what the thought process was there on why Jesse’s development path has turned so sour. As the man charged with that department you’d think he’d be able to shed at least a little light on it. Anyway, I digress. Read it for yourself, there’s still something in there. Someone calls them out on it and the response is - Jesse’s been a Pro in Edmonton and thus outside the purview of the VICE PRESIDENT OF PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. Like the VP of Player Development should be involved from draft until retirement as far as I’m concerned. What an absolute crock.

Anyway, I digress again. Don’t read it, it’s nonsense. I’m keeping the link here, but I want it on record that it - and that response - is pretty much garbage. As someone who frequents in posting garbage, I consider myself uniquely qualified to identify such dross. YMMV.

Free agency preview. (Oilersnation)

Lowetide’s daily. (Lowetide)

The smoke around the Oilers continues to billow. I know what you’re thinking, but this time it might not be burning tires. (The Oilers Rig)

For Money

The article that went with yesterday’s picture. (The Athletic)

Goalies that might make sense in Edmonton. (The Athletic)

Have a great long weekend!