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Welcome Matej!

I was hoping the Oil would draft a decent Czech in the later rounds in a ‘boom or bust’ similar to Ostap Safin. This actually happened at 100 which is, roughly, where the player was projected.

Some important things. He was skipped over year and is an over ager. He’s a big kid at 6’0 and 200lbs. He loves to shoot and score goals. He’s already come to North America to learn the game and will be in the NCAA next season.

You might notice he scores more goals then he assists. I won’t call him a pure sniper but he is a pure shooter. Plays LW, finds the spots and loves to fire it. Also great on back check and a strong skater. If he develops, he could be an amazing complimentary piece for our amazing Centre depth. I’d say at best he might crack the roster in 2 years (remember, he’s an overager).

Here is a video of the best day of his life as Czech junior teams always get killed by American Junior teams:

Bottom Line:

Matej will not be in the NHL next year or the year after. I’m not even sure he makes World Junior team. He’s a boom or bust pick and I love my boom or bust picks in later rounds. I’d say Ostap Safin projects higher than he does. However, skates awesome, great shooter, loves a good C, already in North America and good size. He could pay really develop into something while playing in the NCAA.

I do think there was a better Czech available at this spot in Martin Hugo Has but I am happy with this. I’m not happy with how the draft has gone for Czechs. This will be our worst one in 5 years.