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Hot Links: Thursday June 20

News and Opinion from Around the Hockey World

NHL: NHL Awards Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Hi All—

So, I’m stepping in for Matt this morning as listening to him whine about posting from his phone was getting painful. So hit Matt up in the comments for the interesting and fun things he did yesterday on vacation.

Back here in the mountain time zone, it was a busy day too. Also, the NHL gave out some awards and other shiny things last night. I didn’t watch. Tell me all about it if you did.

Copper and Blue Offerings

Jeff talks about how effed the Oilers might be with a possible lower than expected cap here

Also new kid Preston continues to prove he’s got more energy for this than I do. His latest offering is here

Not From Copper and Blue

Since there was a shit tonne of things happening in the hockey world yesterday, I have curated the finest collection of links you’ve seem in a while. Bow down, Matt. I am apparently not shitty at this links collecting business.

From the Hockey Writers (and others), Jesse is done with the Oilers. Can’t say I blame him.

Connor McDavid won goal of the year in the NHL Fan Awards. I actually got to see that goal live. It was beautiful.

And look everyone, the Oilers pay Connor McDavid over 12 million dollars and he doesn’t seem to have a belt. Also, Connor did not win the Ted Lindsay or the Hart; some other guy did.

From the oh so reputable Edmonton Sun, a look at the Oilers search for a backup goaltender. Or someone to bail their overpaid backup out.

Also, hey the Oilers have announced development camp. It’s June 24-27th. Details here

An Oilers goaltending prospect made Hockey Canada’s Summer Development program. Should we consider this good news? Or is it too early to tell?

Not Oilers

And the Ducks bought out Corey Perry, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Back to Oilers

But apparently not everyone shares my Corey Perry feelings. There are already suggestions the Oilers should make an offer.


Finally a quick link to a podcast. I can’t verify the quality (or lack there of), but it does talk about the Oilers and the trade market going into the draft.

Okay all, go enjoy your day and let’s see what shenanigans the Oilers get up to today. Draft countdown is less than 48 hours!