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Cap Crunch: The 2019-20 Salary Cap Could Be Lower Than Originally Projected

Conservative projections of $83MM might not have been conservative enough.

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Free agency is a scant 12 days from today, which means that the Oilers ought to be getting ready to put the best package together to help free up some salary. At what was a likely best-case scenario projected at 83MM a year, they’re already going to be operating on a shoestring budget to put together a competitive team for the 2019-20 season.

Except, the upper limit is probably not going to be 83 million. It might not even be 82 million, and that would put an even tighter pinch on an Oilers club that will be up against the Cap pretty tight.

This puts the Oilers free agency period in an especially precarious predicament. If the upper limit is less than 82 million, it will leave the Oilers less than 9 million with which to work with. This makes it even more imperative for the Oilers to move a troublesome contract. They do well to move it prior to July 1, when free agents are able to sign with any club.