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Hot Links: Wednesday, June 12

GAME SEVEN, Oilers news and notes, and a bit of #RapsInFour. Happy Hump Day.

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Edmonton Oilers v St. Louis Blues
HAH - not the same picture after all!
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Good morning!

Happy hump day. Slow day for sports unless you’re into the FIFA Women’s World Cup or watching the Blue Jays get dummied on an almost-nightly basis. There was probably hurling on yesterday, too.

The Oilers announced they were retaining the services of former-assistant-turned-interim-turned-assistant GM Keith Gretzky, which was received with some fanfare. Decidedly more than I expected, but I am fully willing to admit that I give him less credit for his big hits in Boston than some of the other Oilers outlets. I am fully admitting that all of Carlo, McAvoy, and especially Pastrnak were excellent choices. I also don’t think that a GM should get a pass for mostly bad work prior to it and questionable at best (IMO) work since just because he hit on a couple first rounders and an early second. I mean, it’s good work, but is it enough to undo missing on the other two first round picks in 2015? Or being a heavy co-sign on the Seguin trade? Or his part of some of Peter Chiarelli’s greatest hits here in Edmonton? Not cashing in on the pending UFAs last deadline? Is it enough to move beyond trepidation and nervousness and into excitement?!

For some fans, apparently. For me, I’m not so convinced. Hopefully it is me who is the most wrong.

Either way, we’ll have more on Gretzky later today. Stay tuned.

The Oilers also re-signed Danish F Patrick Russell yesterday.

Outside of the Oilers, the Stanley Cup Finals resume this evening, with St. Louis in Boston to take on the Bruins in a deciding game seven. I won’t be watching.

Much ado was made about the US WNT’s annihilation of Thailand’s WNT at the FIFA WWC, specifically about their celebrations as the game was growing further and further out of hand. I don’t have a problem with it. What say you?

Also #RapsInFour.

Stanley’s Cup

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NBA Finals

Off day consumables. (RaptorsHQ)

From Us

Oilers re-signed F Patrick Russell to one-year deal. (Copper and Blue)

From Elsewhere

Lowetide touches ‘em all. (Lowetide)

Mid-tier free agent targets. (Oilersnation)

The Oilers might be interested in D Kristian Nakyva. (The Oilers Rig)

For Money

Willis from yesterday, looking at Gagner, Kassian, and Khaira’s ability (or not) to play top-nine minutes for the Oilers next season. (The Athletic)

Kent Wilson looks at the Flames side of trading James Neal. Only interesting because of the brief Lucic mention and a bit of a deeper dive about what Neal is right now. (The Athletic)

Hey, I told you it was slow yesterday.