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Pickin’ Winners With Copper and Blue: Round 3 Edition

The Quest for the Cup is down to four teams. Pick some winners with our multi-talented staff.

Vegas Golden Knights v San Jose Sharks - Game Seven
Joe Thornton picks winners too.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Conference Finals are here. Both members of the Western Conference are looking for their first Cup Championship. The Bruins haven’t won since 2011, while the Hurricanes have been Cup-less since 2006. We try not to talk about that one here.

We asked our staff how it would look after round 3. The results are below.

Sunil STL in 6 CAR in 6
Matt SJ 7 CAR in 6
Lukas SJ 6 BOS 7
Shona SJ in 7 CAR in 6
Alex STL in 7 BOS in 6
Jeff SJ in 6 BOS in 6

Another mixed bag. Our staff has the Sharks get a slight majority in the Blues / Sharks matchup, while it’s down the middle for Carolina / Boston.

The Sharks have never played in won the Stanley Cup Finals, while the St. Louis Blues haven’t seen the Finals since 1970. The Blues have the distinction of being in last place just four months ago, yet they are now four wins away from playing for the Cup. The Sharks have now taken down the Vegas Golden Knights and the Colorado Avalanche en route to the Conference Finals.

The Bruins have mowed through Toronto and the surprising Blue Jackets in their first two rounds, while the Hurricanes took down the Capitals and Islanders in rounds one and two.

Who do you got in round 3?