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Will Ken Holland Be The New Edmonton Oilers GM After All?

The gig has been offered. Will he take it?

NHL Hall Of Famer Ted Lindsay Funeral
Four days ago, he was out. Now he’s back.
Photo by Dave Reginek - Pool/Getty Images

It was just over two weeks ago when we learned that the Detroit Red Wings were bringing Steve Yzerman back into the fold as GM. GM Ken Holland was getting a bump to Senior Vice President, which sure sounded like all of those Ken Holland rumours to Edmonton were getting sewn up quickly. Holland was going to stay in Detroit, and this was good for everyone.

Now the club can go find Pat Verbeek, maybe Bill Guerin, someone that doesn’t have a connection to Bob Nicholson or the Boys on the Bus. One who will be granted the ability to hire and fire at will, one without previous ties to loyalty within the organization.

Fast forward to this week, and we learn that Kelly McCrimmon is getting promoted to GM in Vegas. Scratch that one off the list. Regroup. There’s still time to make the right decision before the NHL Draft.

Just when we thought that we couldn’t possibly hear Keith Gretzky’s tires get pumped up any further, Ken Holland’s name comes flouncing through the door. Again.

Side note: I do find it sort of hilarious that Keith Gretzky is just waiting to hear whether or not Ken Holland is taking the gig.


Holland’s had some great success in the pre-salary cap era, and that shouldn’t be ignored. But he’s also had some really, really bad, really really bad time in Detroit when forced to work within the confines of the salary cap. This is the guy traded a first round pick and a prospect for Kyle Quincey. Also, the guy who signed Stephen Weiss to a five year deal before buying him out after two injury-riddled seasons. And? He’s got plenty of experience with Bob Nicholson through Hockey Canada, which may suggest loyalty in Nicholson’s favour down the road.

We’ll likely know shortly who will be the next GM of the Edmonton Oilers. For our benefit, we can only hope that a dark horse candidate emerges in the coming days.