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Wind of change? Who’s getting Coffey now?

NHL: New York Rangers at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

I remember my first article on here like it was yesterday. I did my absolute best to eviscerate Chia and everything he stood for. In it, I shared a personal anecdote that I became on Oiler’s fan in the 80's and Paul Coffey was my favourite growing up. Between my first and second article the Oil (Chia) actually hired Paul Coffey. I remember jokingly saying I meant we need players like him. You know, skilled and fast D. Instead we actually got him!

I think I speak for most fans when I say that we want big changes to the OBC and a complete revamp of ‘head office’. Well, the draft isn’t here yet and already we have a new coach (Tippet) and GM (Holland). But we’ve also seen Craig McTavish, Duane Sutter, Ken Hitchcock (to a lesser extent as he's a consultant still), Peter Chiarelli and now Paul Coffey all leave the organization.

All that is left from the Old Boys Club/Hockey Canada (OBCHC) Club is Kevin Lowe, Scott Howson and Bob Nicholson. I wonder how long till we hear Wayne is leaving? Our goalie coach?

A lot of these guys are some of my favorite players and hockey heroes but I can’t say I’m that sad when I hear they are leaving the management side. I just feel like there are way too many comfortable gentleman getting paid handsomely to consistently make awful decisions. A decade or more of them.

Of the remaining members, the only one that I REALLY want gone is Nicholson but, honestly, I don’t think he does much. I don’t know what Howson does either FTR. I’m not certain if I believe Lowe has no influence either.

I'm even more curious if these former guys find full time employment in the NHL?

As far as Coffey. He was in charge of skills development of the least skilled blue line in the NHL? Don't believe me? Then tell me who our 4th leading D scorer was and what his point total was?

Great player but he was gifted a job based on his name. I'm not even sure if this position exists in other NHL clubs?

I fully admit I want to get my hands on the Paul Coffey Wisers limited edition Rye Whiskey.

Big picture wise we are starting to see some real change in the office. This could be a summer for the ages!