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Step Off, Today Is Our Day

The 2019 NHL Draft Lottery takes place this evening. We got this.

NHL Draft Lottery Drawing
Everything’s coming up Oilers
Photo by Abelimages / Getty Images for NHL

The last decade-plus has been a tumultuous time to be an Oilers fan. With just one playoff berth in the last thirteen years, you had better believe that this club has gotten good at the other end of the spectrum.

I’m talking about the draft. More specifically, the draft lottery. Watch it live at 6 PM MT / 8 ET on Sportsnet.

You know that old expression? If you can’t find the mark at a poker table, then you’re the mark? Right. The Oilers are ringers. The league? Marks. All of them.

The Oilers are currently ranked 7th in the draft lottery. This means that there were six teams that performed even worse than the Oilers did this season. I don’t think it really matters all that much. We’ve got this locked.

The Oilers have a 6.5% chance at snagging the first overall pick in this year’s draft lottery. Should another team find themselves selecting first, a draft for second and a draft for third overall will be conducted. The Oilers have a 20.4% chance of securing a top three pick, which would likely consist of either centre Jack Hughes, winger Kappo Kakko, winger Vasili Podkolzin or defenceman Bowen Byram.

Here are the clubs eligible to win the draft lottery (and percentages)

Colorado Avalanche (18.5%, from Ottawa)

Los Angeles Kings (13.5%)

New Jersey Devils (11.5%)

Detroit Red Wings (9.5%)

Buffalo Sabres (8.5%)

New York Rangers (7.5%)

Edmonton Oilers (100% 6.5%)

Anaheim Ducks (6%)

Vancouver Canucks (5%)

Philadelphia Flyers (3.5%)

Minnesota Wild (3%)

Chicago Blackhawks (2.5%)

Florida Panthers (2%)

Arizona Coyotes (1.5%)

Montreal Canadiens (1%)\

Join us tonight as we watch the inevitable happen.