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Pick Some Winners With Copper And Blue: Round 2 Edition

Eager to move on from Round 1, let’s try to go 4 for 4 in Round 2

Tampa Bay Lightning v Columbus Blue Jackets - Game Four
After destroying the Tampa Bay Lightning in fur games, will the Blue Jackets do the same to Boston?
Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

How’d your round one go? Some surprises? Yeah. If you didn’t pick Columbus over Tampa, or the Islanders over Pittsburgh, or the Hurricanes over the Capitals, or the Avalanche over the Flames, don’t let it eat you. I didn’t either. I did pick the Blues over the Jets to go 1-for-8 in round one. That’s not too good.

After many upsets, Round 2 is here. Here’s how our panel of experts picked ‘em.

Sunil BOS in 6 CAR in 6 COL in 5 STL in 6
Corey BOS in 7 CAR in 6 SJ in 6 STL in 6
Lukas BOS in 6 CAR in 6 SJ in 6 DAL in 6
Shona CBJ in 6 CAR in 7 COL in 6 STL in 6
Alex CBJ in 6 NYI in 7 SJ in 6 STL in 5
Jeff CBJ in 7 NYI in 7 SJ in 6 STL in 6
  • Everyone except Lukas is picking St. Louis over Dallas, which means it will probably go down to the wire.
  • No one is predicting a sweep even though there were a couple in round one.
  • There’s a split down the middle for Boston and Columbus. Everyone voted Tampa over Columbus last round.
  • There’s a majority vote for Carolina and San Jose.

What do your second round picks look like?