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Recap: Avalanche 6 vs Oilers 2

Great first period doesn’t last

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Game 80, we’re almost at the finish line. As of April 1st last night, the Oilers were eliminated from playoff contention. On one hand this is a lot better than it has been for most of the past decade in terms of still being in it. In reality though, we’ve been out for a few months now, and everyone knew it.

Anyway, three games left, there’s nothing to play for, but we can hope for more highlights. Tonight the Avalanche are in town, maybe we get a good Nathan Mackinnon vs Connor McDavid match ups. We’ll find out.

1st Period:

Five minutes into the game, Tyson Barrie trips up Milan Lucic, and the Oilers are going to the powerplay.

The Oilers managed to keep possession for the most part, but scoring chances were non-existent until a scramble at the end. Still, it looked mostly acceptable — We only almost got scored on, anyway.

Just prior to the half way point, with the Oilers leading 7-0 on the shot-clock, Milan Lucic opens the scoring. Matt Benning takes a shot from the point, Lucic deflects it past Semyon Varlamov, and it’s 1-0 Oilers.

Darnell Nurse doubles the lead with a great play. He fakes a shot at the blueline, skates it to the opposing corner, god around the outside of the Avs defencemen and scores taking it the slot. Great play, and great goal. 2-0 Oilers.

That’s how the period ends.

2nd Period:

Less than a minute into the period, Kris Russell hooks Carl Soderberg, and the Oilers terrible penalty kill will have to be better than usual.

It is not particularly good — the Avalanche had a ton of great chances —but it’s almost killed. That is, until Brad Malone takes a high-sticking penalty 10 seconds before the first one was killed. This could be the turning point.

The Oilers manage to kill it. Or, maybe not. It looks like Brad Malone took a penalty for touching the puck as he was getting out of the box. He gets called for interference, and he goes right back into the penalty box.

Immediately into the PK, Nathan Mackinnon got through our penalty killers, and buries his 40th goal of the year. 2-1 Oilers.

Very shortly after that, Tyson Barrie skates past a few Oilers and ties the game with a wrist shot. 2-2.

And then the Avalanche take the lead after another 3 minutes of making the Oilers look like an AHL team. Alex Kerfoot puts home an Erik Johnson reboud. 3-2 Avalanche.

Colin Wilson makes it 4-2 Avalanche. It’s one of those games.

Period ends 4-2 Avalanche, and the Oilers look to have quit for the night.

3rd Period:

Te first five minutes sees the Oilers come out stronger than anything we saw in the second. Nurse and Draisaitl each have a few opportunities to cut the lead.

Alex Kerfoot may have scored, we’re having a video review circus now.

After a century of reviews, and an overturn, it’s 5-2 Avalanche.

That’s about as close to to calling it a game as I need. I will give myself credit for calling the turning point.

Tyson Jost gets it to Sven Andrighetto, now it’s 6-2.

The season mercifully comes to a close on Saturday. I think we’re all pretty sick of watching these losses. I know I am.