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Milan Lucic Has A Lower Body Injury And Nobody Knows Anything About It

Mystery injury kept Lucic from playing in final game of the year.

Edmonton Oilers v Toronto Maple Leafs
Mystery leg injury kept Lucic out of final game of the season.
Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Ah yes, the ol’ “off ice after practice” injury. This explains why Milan Lucic was out of last Saturday’s game against the Calgary Flames, but it’s awfully strange that information is just appearing about Lucic’s ailment. Whatever the ailment, Rishaug says that Lucic will “be in a cast” for two more weeks, and that there’s no worry that he’ll miss any training camp.

It took a full nine days after this injury supposedly happened, and there hasn’t been a sound from the Oilers about it.

Whatever the injury may be, the club has taken special care not to release any information about it, which is odd considering he missed the final game of the year.

You’d figure that the team would be eager to report something like this if it keeps Lucic from the lineup.

More to come, I’m sure.