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UPDATE: No Surgery For McDavid

Near best-case scenario for McDavid will require no surgery after frightening collision in season finale

Edmonton Oilers v Vegas Golden Knights
McDavid expected to be ready for start of 2019-20 after nasty crash into the goal last Saturday
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Flash back to last week’s season finale against the Calgary Flames.

The Oilers were about to embark on the offseason, while the Flames touted the best record in the Western Conference. No matter who emerged from Saturday’s tilt between Calgary and Edmonton, these things weren’t going to change.

Things got real wonky when Flames captain Mark Giordano made a play on Connor McDavid while McDavid was charging the net. Giordano sprawled on the ice in an attempt to poke the puck away from McDavid. McDavid was caught up in Giordano’s play, tumbled to the ice and slammed his leg into the Flames goal. McDavid immediately curled up in pain, and we all expected the worst.

Losing your captain in the last game of the season in yet another non-playoff year does seem to be the most Oilers-y thing that could possibly happen, and here we are. McDavid had to be helped to the dressing room, unable to put any weight on his left leg.

McDavid would need an MRI to determine the extent of the damage. I didn’t want to know.

The week that followed was weird.

McDavid appeared at a media availability the next day without so much as a cast, which immediately sprang hope. Could it be a bone bruise? There’s no way that was a bruise.

Then, the picture emerged of McDavid playing miniature golf in the West Edmonton Mall. McDavid was sporting a leg brace in this photo, which set off some wild speculation. Then again, you can’t be all cooped up all of the time, right? Gotta fit 18 mini-links in during the offseason.

Oh, right. Late last night, the team issued a tweet that really didn’t say a whole lot.


It means orthopaedic specialists...rehabilitation protocol...immediately...


Spectacular. Ready for camp? That’s what I need to hear. If it takes six to eight weeks to recover from this, that’s the best out of a bad scenario. The Edmonton Oilers cannot be without Connor McDavid for a game or two due to a sickness, much less an extended period of time due to a knee injury.

Already cap-strapped and without the ability to make any major moves prior to the 2019-20 NHL season, the Oilers dodged a giant bullet here.