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2019 Copper and Blue Round 1 Playoff Predictions

Pick your round one selections with help from the stars!

Winnipeg Jets v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The 2019 NHL Playoffs are now here.

To help you with friendly wagers, your friends from Copper and Blue are here to help you pick some winners. Our expert panel has been grinding out all possible scenarios with an oil lamp, a slide ruler and a box of Jos Louis snack cakes.

Without further ado, here is your official 2019 Copper and Blue Round One Playoff Predictions chart. Feel free to print it out and put it on your refrigerator for reference throughout the next couple of weeks.

Shona NSH in 6** WPG in 6 COL in 7 VGK in 7 TB in 5 BOS in 6 CAR in 6 PIT in 7
Sunil DAL in 6 STL in 5 COL in 6 VGK in 5** TB in 5 BOS in 6 CAR in 6 NYI in 6
Alex NSH in 6 STL in 7** CGY in 5 VGK in 5 TB in 5 BOS in 6 WSH in 6 PIT in 7
Lukas NSH in 5** WPG in 7 CGY in 4 SJ in 7 TB in 5 BOS in 7 CAR in 7 PIT in 4
Corey NSH in 6 STL in 6 CGY in 5 SJ in 7 TB in 5 BOS in 7 CAR in 6 PIT in 7
Jeff NSH in 5 STL in 6 CGY in 6 VGK in 6 TB in 5** TOR in 5 WSH in 6 PIT in 6

** - denotes Best Bet

There’s a fair bit of variance to go around in this chart, but a few similarities as well.

A few things to note:

  • Sunil knows something we all don’t, which can be the only reason he’s going for both Dallas and the New York Islanders in their series.
  • Everybody likes Tampa Bay, and for good reason.
  • I’ve got Toronto over Boston. Either way, the internet is going to be insufferable no matter who wins that series.
  • Most have selected the Blues, Flames, Golden Knights, Predators and Hurricanes to take their round one series.

Pick your winners in the comment thread below and we’ll see how everyone does as round one progresses.