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Tuesday Morning Hot Links

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NHL: Ottawa Senators at Edmonton Oilers Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, I have the links for you. Lets get through them before the game tonight.

First, Travis Yost points out the flaws of the current playoff format. There are admittedly a ton, but as far as the Oilers are concerned, the only flaw is that the league doesn’t let every team in. (TSN)

Lowetide highlights Colby Cave and Joseph Gambardella and their work late in this season, and what it might mean for them in the future. (The Athletic)

Here’s a rip job of the organization, its terrible PR, and the way fans feel having to go through it. (Edmonton Sun)

Lastly, Tyler Yaremchuk looks at the tasks ahead for the Oilers this summer. (OilersNation)

That’s all for now, the Oilers play the Kings tonight. Enjoy.