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Thursday Morning Hot Links

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NHL: Edmonton Oilers at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re ready for some links to start your day.

First, an outstanding piece showing just how bad of a GM Peter Chiarelli was, and that with a bunch of work, it can be fixed. (Petro Praxis)

Then, Elliotte’s 31 thoughts. Needs no introduction. (Sportsnet)

A really good write-up on the Condors and some of our best prospects down there. (

The NHLPA did their annual player poll. Without clicking, I’d bet you can guess who was voted the best forward. (NHLPA)

David Staples points out the the Oilers are bad because of the amount of fourth liners on the team. (Edmonton Journal)

Speaking of, Jonathan Willis points that out too. (The Athletic)

That’s all for now, enjoy.