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Tuesday Morning Hot Links

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NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, hope you enjoyed the game last night. Here are the links.

First, David Staples goes through all the puck moving defensemen we’ve gone through, and uses it to show yet another sign of the incompetence of this Org. (Edmonton Journal)

Some NHL GMs are talking about limiting the amount of times a team should be able to win the draft lottery. I love David Poile mentioning that if a team got too many, it would lead to inequality. Who’s gonna tell him? (The Athletic)

Here are some power rankings after the week that was. (The Athletic)

Bob Nicholson says that the GM hunt is going to be a long process. Some people are starting to think there won’t be one at all. (Sportsnet)

That’s all for now, enjoy.