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Jesse Puljujarvi’s Season Ends With Hip Surgery

Tumultuous season ends with surgery

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Edmonton Oilers
SEASON OVER: Jesse Puljujarvi will have hip surgery
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Like many of us, you were wondering what was going on with Jesse Puljujarvi’s injury situation. He went from a pregame skate to a healthy scratch. From a healthy scratch, he went to the IR. From the IR, he got a second opinion. That second opinion led to hip surgery.

Funny how a player goes from “healthy scratch” to “hip surgery” without any games in between. You’ll forgive me if I have shades of Sheldon Souray or Ales Hemsky in my head.

“Discomfort” could go a long way in explaining the kind of season that Jesse Puljujarvi was having so far. Appearing on the fourth line for seven or eight minutes a night didn’t do Puljujarvi many favours either. Puljujarvi will hopefully be ready for the new season with a brand new contract and some linemates by September. Right?