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Hot Links: Thursday, December 19

Oilers drop points to Blues in St. Louis as their grip on a playoff spot weakens, Kassian and Nurse extension talks have started, and MORE!

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NHL: DEC 18 Oilers at Blues

Morning, folks! I’m exhausted and super busy today so let’s keep it short and sweet.

The Oilers played again last night, losing to a more complete hockey team with better players on average. We knew this was likely and it’s what happened. Koskinen was excellent and, unfortunately, most of the rest of them weren’t.

Zack Kassian and Darnell Nurse’s contract extensions made the news yesterday, as the local MSM get to preparing us for the inevitable overpays that loom on the horizon. The Sportsnet panel seems to think that ‘liking Edmonton’ has intrinsic value and is worth paying above market for. Jim Matheson thinks that Kassian’s agent is looking for Tom Wilson’s contract. IDK if you know this, but that’s a terrible deal and Wilson is a few years younger than Kassian. No goddamn thanks.

The Nurse deal appears to be impacted by the Oilers having a $4MM LD with a limited NTC, which really confounds me. On the one hand, we all knew Kris Russell would affect this team negatively in the near and far terms a few years back. On the other, if his cap commitment means the Oilers can’t sign Nurse to a $7MM pact, that’s probably good?!

I guess it’s days like these where it really helps to remember that nothing matters, we’re all bags of rotting flesh and the only thing to do is Eat Arby’s.

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