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Hot Links: Monday, December 16

Oilers lose on HNIC, Taylor Hall trade talk dominates the weekend’s news, Edmonton gets the Stars tonight in Dallas, and MORE!

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2018 NHL Global Series Challenge - Edmonton Oilers v New Jersey Devils Photo by Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

A busy weekend with Taylor Hall trade talk and the Toronto Lookat Us’ in town for a big matchup on Hockey Night.

The Oilers came out on the wrong end of the match, and seem most likely to come out the wrong side of a Taylor Hall deal (somehow for the second time), too.

Debate running wild over whether the Oilers are doing the right thing to stay the course with a flawed group, and some good points on either side. I think everyone knows where I’m at by now, so we can save the rest of the discussion for the comments.

With all of this Taylor Hall talk there’s some degree of something that they’re in town to play Tyler Seguin and the Dallas Stars tonight at 6:30PM MST.

Lowetide takes a look at Connor McDavid’s frustration, and what it might mean for the Oilers moving forward.

It is, and always will be, worth remembering that Elliotte Friedman reported this summer that the Oilers have probably two years to convince McDavid to stay.

We’re about a quarter way through that timeline. You think standing pat and crashing out this year helps their cause? So that maybe Phil Broberg pans out? I’m not so sure.

It is GAMEDAY after all, so head back later for our GAME PREVIEW in a little bit.

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