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Bear and a first for Hall? Are 106 AHL games too much?

Edmonton Oilers v Minnesota Wild Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

I’ve been talking with John Fischer from the Devil’s site Allaboutthejersey about what it would take to get Taylor Hall. Here was part one. I made a few followup questions.

1. Oil don’t have $6 million in cap space.. would the devil’s be willing to take on salary (eg. we include Brandon Manning or Sam Gagner)?

The Devils may actually be willing to take some salary back. They have $6 million in cap space so provided it is not a player with a long-term contract (e.g. Manning or Gagner), the Devils could make it work. While Bob McKenzie floated the possibility of retaining salary, which I cannot fully rule out. However, I really doubt the Devils would be interested in taking back significant contracts to make the money work or retaining part of Hall’s salary given that some of the supposed suitors have enough cap space that they will not need to do so. If Colorado, Montreal, and Nashville all drop out of the race for Hall, then they may have to re-consider it.

2. You mentioned: The package will either include a defenseman who can play right away

So, how about Adam Larsson? Or Kris Russel?

Along with our first?

Or even better - Larsson and Russel straight across for Hall? Would our first sweeten that.

A lot of guys also think Nurse for Hall would be a good deal, thoughts?

The Devils are trying to get better in the future after trading Hall and neither Larsson or Russel will make that work. Even with a potential mid-round first.

I think Nurse is a bit overrated and he’s on an expiring contract. That may be more palatable than Larsson or Russel. However, I think a better option would be if Ethan Bear is part of a package. If he’s in the conversation then there may be a conversation.

3. We have good D prospects but I wonder if we value them higher than the rest of the league.. any interest in guys like Lagesson, Persson, Jones?

I think to get a player of Hall’s level, the conversation for prospect defensemen should really include Evan Bouchard or Philip Broberg.

4. You already mentioned concerns about Jesse, you think he could help swing the trade in anyway?

No, I do not think Jesse Puljujarvi would really do much in a trade other than be a throw-in.

5. Not sure how well you know our roster but what do you think we’d have to offer? My understanding is that Bouchard/Broberg are untouchable?

I do know that Edmonton’s roster is pretty much the definition of top-heavy. As more than decent as Gagner seems, there really isn’t anyone outside of maybe Bear on the Oilers roster that seems desirable other than the two actual untouchable forwards on the team. If Bouchard or Broberg untouchable, then that could be a real problem in terms of making a legitimate package work. Then again, I’m not Ray Shero. Maybe he has a more favorable opinion of the team.

My thoughts: Basically, the only D they’d want is Ethan Bear with a first overall. What’s ‘funny’ about this is that if we got this offer in September - Bear plus our first for the last year of Hall’s contract then I think we’d have all been in. I would’ve done that for sure in September. But, alas, we are in December and Bear is probably the third most loved Oiler. Don’t want to lose Bear for a Hall rental? On another ‘funny’ note. Imagine if the Penns trade Marino and their first for Hall?! Then Broberg and Bouchard seem to be next on the want list. The other big problem with trading those 3 players is the cap hit. Bear is roughly 1 million on our cap and we’d be taking back 6 million. Where’s the other 5 million coming from as we are cap poor? Broberg/Bouchard currently don’t have a cap hit at all so we’d have to free up 6 million and then trade for Hall. Plus, the 10 million or so that we’d have to pay him next year.

I really wish this type of trade had already happened because now we are free falling badly and I wanted a trade when we were in a position of strength. Not sure what Holland is currently doing but he got zero value for Jesse and things are getting ugly quick. My views haven’t changed.

  1. Hall would definitely make us better
  2. We will lose that trade in both the short and long term if we resign him
  3. We are not one Taylor Hall away from a Cup
  4. We are, in my opinion, one good trade away from righting the ship and staying in the playoff race. Not a grandslam trade, just a good one. One more forward that can compliment our Top 6.
  5. Tyler Bensen has now played 96 AHL games and 10 playoff games. He has 93 points in those 106 games (.87 ppg). That gives him an NHLE of about 35 points. We don’t have anyone in the bottom 6 that will come near 35 points this season. I hate rushing! But over riping is just as bad and Bensen is dripping off the vine. Spending too much time in the AHL will not make you a top 6 NHL player, it’ll turn you into an AHL player. Make that call yesterday. Give him a solid 10 games with good linemates. He’s more likely to succeed in the NHL today then Bear was in September. Look how that turned out.
  6. In either case. Kenny Holland, time to earn your 5 million!