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SB Nation Fan Pulse: With Mike Babcock Gone, Who’s The Next Coach To Go?

SB Nation readers voted Bruce Boudreau to be the first to go, though Mike Babcock is the first domino to fall.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Minnesota Wild
David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday, which means our weekly SB Nation Fan Pulse poll is ready to roll.

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Last week, Fan Pulse voters were asked to pick which coaches they thought were on the hot seat. The dubious honour goes to....

Bruce Boudeau.

Nearly 40% of Fan Pulse voters selected Bruce Boudreau to be the first coach to get a pink slip. It’s easy to see why. The Minnesota Wild have stumbled out to just eight wins in their first 21 games, good for last in the Central Division.

A little more than 25% of poll voters said that New Jersey’s John Hynes would go first. The Devils have just five regulation wins, opening with a 7-9-4 marker so far.

Just under 20% of poll voters picked San Jose’s Pete DeBoer. DeBoer’s club started out with a miserable four wins in their first sixteen, but have gone six of seven since.

If you voted for Mike Babcock to be the first NHL coach to hit the streets, you were one of about 13% of our Fan Pulse voters. Babcock’s Maple Leafs are possibly the biggest disappointment so far this year, limping out to a frustrating 9-10-4 start despite having oodles of offensive talent. Will Sheldon Keefe fare any better?

Just four percent of voters selected Tampa Bay’s Jon Cooper.


With Toronto showing Mike Babcock the door, is Bruce Boudreau next? Is it anyone else on this list?


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